How to screen right fit candidate profiles.

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How to screen right fit candidate profiles.

The biggest challenge, nowadays Recruiters and Talent Search Teams are facing is Screening the right fit candidate for the requirement. How to screen the right fit?

With the working experience & Expertise. Employee Hire Team sharing few creteriya guidelines for this process to make it smooth and successful.

Basic Points to understand for any recruiter.

1. Discussion with Hiring Manager/Internal Team -:

The process can be started with a discussion with the hiring manager. The thorough discussion with the hiring manager regarding the company profile, the hiring process, the typical skill set both technical and attribute based the candidate is expected to have, Qualification, experience details etc.

  • Understand Company, Industry, Competitors & JD –
  • Understand the Industry, Company & Working style of the company.
  • Understand the requirement, discuss with the team internally for queries.

2.Pointer on JD & Company -:

  • Make Pointer for pitching to candidates & give company information in detail.
  • Make a list of top 10 Key skills & criteria you need from candidates.

The pointers that should be considered while screening is –  Experience Range, Qualification, Key Technical Skills, Location, Notice Period, Communication.

3. Resume Sourcing 

The sources for Resume pull can be Job portals, LinkedIn, or other social media based on the niche skills requirement. Pre-screening to eliminate candidates who do not meet the basic requirements of the position.

4. While discussing with the prospects need to take care of Points-:

Tell them – who you are  Be Calm & Patient – Be flexible about the time of the call and give them ample time to respond to your questions  Tell them about the position you’re hiring for  Ask them the right questions.

  • Get into an actual discussion over call/ mail/ Video conference –
  • Check whether the candidate has given an interview for the shared requirement & company earlier.
  • Understand if the candidate is an active job seeker or passive job seeker.
  • Must check the reason he is looking for a job change and put that points properly in the remarks.
  • properly check their current CTC Yearly & Monthly in Hand as well & Expected CTC in figures Yearly & Monthly in Hand.
  • Discuss with candidates about Notice Period, Qualification Criteria if there in JD.
  • Ask reasons properly if the candidates are changing jobs frequently and source candidates having good stability in their career.
  • If you are aware of the interview procedure & questions, make the candidate prepared for the same.
  • For IT Opening check projects he is delivered and relevancy of projects he is working with the requirement
  • ·For NON IT must check industry & domain fitting in the given JD & Company domain.
  • Check the real reason for relocation or search only candidates who are staying near to the location.
  • Check the Plan for the next two years for the candidate like -Marriage Plan, which industry & technology they want to build their career, relocation plan, or Family & Background (Put all details in Remarks).

5. Fill proper screening sheet at the time of discussion and compulsory take mail confirmation Ask for the reply on mail written confirmation. Schedule next level calls to have better screening have a personal meet if necessary

Have Reference Checks – Generally, it is required for Senior level positions. Now a day an

online checking over social media helps to know about the person more. 

Some of the Basic Screening Questions:

  • Does the candidate know about the company, did he view the company website?
  • Does the candidate go through the JD?
  • Is the JD matching with his current profile?
  •  To what percentage the JD matches to candidate’s current role?
  • Did he give an interview in the particular company earlier or get any call?
  • Total Experience? Job stability, if it is not stable ask for reasons?
  • Relevant experience in the industry/technology.
  • Current organization name.
  • Current CTC – In hand? Gross? Expected CTC? Is it negotiable? If negotiable in what range?
  • What hike He/She got in his previous company?
  •  What’s the reason for job changes in a current and previous company?
  • If already left the company when was your last working day, if he is ideal for a certain period, have you done any certifications during that time/ freelancing?
  • Notice Period? Is it negotiable, if yes to what extent- for IT we need to check if he/she has any dependency on the current project?
  • Location? If working from the office, how far it’s from his/her residence?

Written BY – 

Employee Hire Team India